Wedding Consultations

  Consultations are available for Wedding Decorations.  We also have miniature wedding cake candles that make unique table favors.

Custom Gift Baskets

We have 3 sizes of gift baskets available or you can bring in your own basket or container.


Services Available

Re-Create Your Favourite Scent

We can re-create a favourite scent you have from home.  You can even bring in a container from home and have it filled with your favourite colour of candle and fragrance.  Unscented candles also available.  Please note we must make sure containers are candle approved, safe for candle burning.

Orders by Email  

We  take orders by email and can also provide shipping.  We will send you an estimated cost for your items including taxes and shipping, and call or email you to confirm your final order before sending.

Custom Created Fragrances

We can custom create any colour, size and blend of fragrance candle or oil.  We can make any fragrance oil, reed diffuser oil or lamp oil while you wait.

Custom Decorated Candles

For a unique gift or keepsake have a wedding invitation or a picture put on a candle.