Time and time again, before we opened Halcyon Candle Co, my wife and I would purchase a candle that seemed to have a powerful scent while doing the "sniff" test at the store, only to find that when we got home the scent was barely present and did not fill the room. After a lot of research and experimentation we have developed a blend of soy wax, fragrances and colours that produce a quality candle with exceptional scent throw that lasts the entire burn of the candle. We sincerely hope that you enjoy our products.

A few words about Halcyon Candle CO. 


"As with most people we have always enjoyed the beauty and comfort of a good quality scented candle. Hand crafting the candles ourselves gives us the ability to customize a candle for each individual taste. "         Chris Basden- Owner


Halcyon Candle is located in Canada's prettiest town, Goderich, Ontario.  We offer a full range of fragrances and custom blended colours. This makes it easy and simple for our customers to get exactly what they want.