We take pride in knowing that we produce our products with the environment in mind. We choose to make our candles and clamshells with  100% all natural soy wax. We love the soy because of the eco friendliness of the product. The soy wax is made from 100% natural soybeans. It's biodegradable and free from pesticides and herbicides, and containing no genetically modified material. The soy wax is manufactured meeting Health Canada, FDA and Kosher Standards. With the soy wax being all natural it makes it safe to use around children and pets,  and also makes clean up easy with just warm water and soap. Making our candles and clamshells from the soy wax helps them burn longer, cooler and cleaner without the soot buildup. Using the soy wax also makes our candles and clamshells very "stable" allowing for a long shelf life, and letting you, our customers, enjoy them a little longer than the average candle.

Reed Diffusers, Incense, Fragrance & Diffuser oil

Handmade glass  Fragrance Oil Lamps.

Halcyon Candle CO. in Goderich

Custom made candles. Any size, any colour, any fragrance.


A variety of wax melt plug-Ins.  Wax melts available in over 200 fragrances.

Decorative Humidifier that can use fragrance oils and also has changing lights.